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A Romantic Summer Storm

A Romantic Summer Storm

August 1968. Almost all guests are in the lobby playing cards, chatting, keeping children busy in the hope that it will stop raining as soon as possible to return to the beach life as soon as possible.

A game of Monopoli on the veranda, two words at the bar with the friendly and helpful waiter, but when the weather is bad people get bored and boredom, you know, sharpens the mind.

In the middle of this tired summer afternoon the engine of a vehicle that stops in front of the hotel entrance resounds from the street. It is Sirio's van, the most famous florist in Versilia, as the unmistakable advertising on the bonnet of the vehicle states.

The deliveryman rushes into the lobby, attracting the dreamy gaze of the ladies present, kidnapped by the wonderful basket of red roses that the man is preparing to hand over to the porter who, with a furtive hand, slips the tiny ticket attached to understand who is the bulky floral tribute?

After having read the first name written on the small envelope and having avidly eyed the content of the card, the witty goalkeeper immediately identifies the recipient of so much pomp. Certainty, however, confirmed by the memory of the recent phone calls in the client's room in the previous days. Called not of her husband and who evidently were producing their fruits.

But there is a problem to solve and quickly. The lady is in fact married and the spouse, believing that he would like to surprise her, has decided to advance the date of arrival. In practice it is already there that is going up the stairs, just at the moment when women are wondering who is the lucky beneficiary of that evanescent red cloud.

Our concierge, a man more practical than romantic, for a moment does not know which fish to take. Send the flowers back, deliver them to the lady by removing the sender's ticket, or keep them without revealing the recipient, which is almost impossible, given the dangerous approach of the chirping female crowd to the lobby counter where the delivery man had momentarily positioned them.

Our man suddenly feels encircled and, driven by the spirit of saving "goat and cabbage" but above all from the need not to lose the wealthy couple of customers, he dismisses the deliveryman, deciding to keep the roses in plain sight on one of the tables in the salon , stating that the recipient is a customer who has not yet arrived (and who would no longer come to the hotel, but this would have been reported later).

Instead, he jealously keeps the ticket, to deliver it in due course and with the gallantry typical of the gentleman who knows but is silent, to the fortunate guest who, in the company of his unaware husband, could have enjoyed the perfume and beauty of those every day beautiful roses. While he, the goalkeeper, satisfied with the clever solution found, already foretaste the substantial tip, the result of his complicit silence. It happened in the 60s and was one of the most entertaining backstage of the time.

Imagine for a moment a world where there is no cell phone, no facebook, instagram ... there is only human contact. The stress for vacationers at that time was really non-existent.

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