Giulia Hotel | Lido di Camaiore | If I give the deposit and then I have to cancel the reservation?
L’hotel Giulia è un albergo a tre stelle in Versilia, nato nel 1952 e da sempre gestito dai proprietari. Ben quattro generazioni che affiancate da numerosi collaboratori lavorano per far sentire gli Ospiti come a casa loro, accolti e coccolati! Un tre stelle fuori dall’ordinario, dove professionalità, cura e calore raccontano una storia diversa da tutte le altre.
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If I give the deposit and then I have to cancel the reservation?

Today I want to answer a very very frequent question.

What happens when I book a holiday, even in advance and then for whatever reason do I have to cancel?

What happens? Do I lose the money from the deposit?

I think this is a very interesting question that deserves to be deepened with an article because in fact what happens?

Generally we like to think about the holiday well in advance. Maybe when we are at work, in the middle of winter, when it is cold, we already dream of summer, the sea, the tanning.

The perfect situation happens: we see an irresistible offer, or we see the right situation for us, with the room we want, the right offer for that room.

You can not miss it and you want to block it now and then start planning your holiday, to imagine it, to build it.

Obviously to block the offer, you must give a deposit that normally is equal to 1/3 of the total amount. So if we think about the holiday, it is clear that the amount I have to leave for the deposit is an important sum.

On the other hand the deposit I have to give it because without it I do not have the security of having blocked the offer.

But then what can happen?

It happens that the child gets sick, or enters a new project in the company and we are forced to move the holidays, or for any reason we are forced to cancel the reservation.

In this case what happens?

As in all contracts, if one of the two parties withdraws, it must pay penalty. In this case the customer loses the deposit.

What are the possible solutions then?

In some cases, if the hotel includes my discomfort (perhaps in the face of a medical certificate or a declaration of our company), we are allowed to use the amount paid, for a new stay by a certain date or to be used before the end of the year.

For example, this is what happened to a client who was telling:

“Last year I had booked in a hotel and unfortunately I had a health problem and I was forced to cancel my reservation. So I called the hotel, I talked to the owner and after sending the certificate, he did not take the money but he froze them so I could use them in another period but by the end of the year.

It was not a bonus that I could always use. So I twisted my mouth a little because the hotel closed shortly thereafter and I had to speed up the time not to lose the deposit. “

This in fact is already a comprehensive solution that takes into account the inconvenience that the customer feels when he has to give up a holiday.

So we thought: in fact it’s all right.

It is true that the customer has canceled in good faith, but even the hotel suffers damage because it is said that he can resell the room for the entire period.

But the other question we asked ourselves is: Let’s put ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

The customer is already a long time thinking about the holiday. He chose me and this fact is already in itself very important and of great value.

He chose me because he probably liked the structure, or was impressed by the way we work, or our services.

If at the last moment he can not come or suffer something for which he is forced to cancel, how will that client feel? Certainly not good, I would say bitter and sorry.

Imagine how you would feel if, after having booked the holidays at sea, at the last moment for an unexpected event you were forced to cancel. How would you feel?

I would be very nervous!

If we add to this the fact that the hotel, rightly, holds the deposit because he too has received damage, what happens?

It happens that the customer adds to the regret of not being able to come, the displeasure for having lost an important amount that can be of several hundred euros (depends on the total amount of the holiday).

And how will that customer feel?

He will feel teased!

He will feel teased because the client thinks of his discomfort, of his state of mind.

And that client will never come back.

I say this because unfortunately also a few years ago it happened to us and despite explaining to the client our reasons, the client was interested in his discomfort and, stupidly, we lost the customer.

So we asked ourselves: what do we want to be for a client?

We want to be accomplices.

We do not want the customer to come once, pay and then leave to never come back.

We want the customer to come back, feel protected and protected!

This is why we have created our SAFE HOLIDAY WARRANTY

A guarantee that we give to the customer who books directly on the phone with us and says:

You can block the offer, you can lock your room even well in advance so as to make sure and feel comfortable because

If you cancel your holiday, if the child gets sick, if you find a hotel you like best or simply want to change your destination (in short for any reason),

you can safely cancel up to 3 days before (or 7 days before, in July and August) and we will return ALL the money in the deposit without holding even 1 euro.

Not only that but we will return them within 24 hours by bank transfer!

What does this involve?

Apparently for us it is a big risk because if it fades a booking 3 days before the arrival date, I will have a lot of difficulty replacing the room.

But we earn the trust of the customer and when you earn the trust of the customer, there is no price that takes.

This is a great satisfaction for us and we like to see customers more calm, safe and let them enjoy their vacation already from the time of booking!

Do you also want to receive our call to build your tailor-made holiday?

CLICK HERE to request it!

See you soon!

Cristiana Gemignani

“More Staff, More Service”

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