Giulia Hotel | Lido di Camaiore | If only Audrey Hepburn knew…
L’hotel Giulia è un albergo a tre stelle in Versilia, nato nel 1952 e da sempre gestito dai proprietari. Ben quattro generazioni che affiancate da numerosi collaboratori lavorano per far sentire gli Ospiti come a casa loro, accolti e coccolati! Un tre stelle fuori dall’ordinario, dove professionalità, cura e calore raccontano una storia diversa da tutte le altre.
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If only Audrey Hepburn knew…

Today I’ll tell you exactly why we women (and any caring husband with patience) adore the live experience by far rather than the fleeting click online.

Of course, I do not doubt that technology has speeded up some processes, but you know… we women like to speed up ONLY anything that is boring and useless.

Whether it’s paying a fine, measuring a fever or a particularly tedious lover, we tend to speed up. You can count on it. But when we talk about ourselves … Leadies, when we talk about ourselves we would be able to get 48 hours days.

Have we ever said “I’ll go for a second to the SPA to get massaged”? Of course not!

Have we entered a store really thinking of staying there the speed of a click? Be serious…

We are women … we like to be pampered. We want all the attention on us. Who do you want us to look at from behind a computer screen?

We women love to enter the boutiques and try each piece. We love to hear ourselves say “Miss, is the color of your eyes”, is part of our femininity. Of course not all donuts come out of the hole: the tedious lover happens as well as the ignorant shop assistant and in that case … go! fast as a click!

But God does not want Audrey Hepburn to buy Tiffany from his computer “just a click”. Can you imagine it? You know … the “clicks” have invented them to save time and have more to go to Tiffany… not the other way around (someone will have to explain it to men one day)

It’s nothing special to try a Tiffany necklace online… You lose the taste of entering from Tiffany, immerse yourself in those turquoise colored walls and have your own dedicated assistant ready to fulfill our every request.

Do you remember the young lady who turns into your personal assistant during your stay in the shop? Here I love it. And so for several years I said to myself, my guests will prefer to organize their holiday with a “click” online, cold, without assistance and with the fear of making mistakes … or they will love to have a personal assistant who, like Tiffany, takes care of everything, listening and pampering us?

I think Audrey would have preferred the latter … for this reason, despite the technology allows many hotels today to reduce the staff, we have increased the Giulia Hotel.

I said I want more helpers for my guests, not less! More Staff means More Service and the quality of your holiday is measured only with the Service.

Do you want to be assisted like Audrey with your personal assistant? It’s easy, CLICK HERE

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