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L’hotel Giulia è un albergo a tre stelle in Versilia, nato nel 1952 e da sempre gestito dai proprietari. Ben quattro generazioni che affiancate da numerosi collaboratori lavorano per far sentire gli Ospiti come a casa loro, accolti e coccolati! Un tre stelle fuori dall’ordinario, dove professionalità, cura e calore raccontano una storia diversa da tutte le altre.
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Stop the robots: the real comfort is a dedicated assistant

The Henn-na of Sasebo (Japan), the first hotel managed entirely by robots (source Guinness of the Primates), is today one step away from the failure. From the newspapers we read that the 243 androids who run it, not only would not be able to meet the demands of the guests but due to a malfunction would have turned the living room into a horror film.

Just a few days ago on our blog and on the facebook group reserved for Giulia Hotel guests, we faced the theme of the service. We wondered if in the future the holidays will be entirely managed by Robot or the human presence will remain fundamental for all those who seek comfort and service.

Exactly because the fulcrum of the story that has overwhelmed the Henn-na in the last hours, it would be the theme of service. The Henn-na, for those who had never heard of it, has gone down in history in 2015 as the first hotel entirely run by androids.

For several months there has been much talk about this structure which obviously aroused the curiosity of thousands of people. Let’s imagine getting to the hotel and being surrounded by robots: from check-in, to breakfasts, to the cleaning of the room, all entirely controlled by robots. Do you want an advice for dinner? Ask the robotic concierge. Do you have any important requests? Talk to the robot.

In short: Robot, Robot and more … Robot.

But the real question is: can an algorithm really offer assistance to a human being?

After the first few months of strong curiosity, however, the project seems to be at its terminus. Why? According to Corriere “Their artificial intelligence is not enough to give answers on practical problems such as advising tourist places to visit, providing precise information on how to get to the airport on time, register passports at reception.”

A problem of little account in short.

But that is not all. In fact, in order to make up for the lack of assistants in the flesh, the Hotel has equipped each room with a doll: a robotized assistant named Churi. It seems, however, that Churi, not being able to distinguish snoring from making a request, caused numerous clients to flee in the middle of the night, continuing to ask: “Please repeat the question.”

In short, a mix between a horror film and a candid camera.

But let’s come to Italy. Episodes like this represent only a distant scenario or the cancer derived from the bad use of technology is already insinuating in our country? Of course if you think of Robot as in the case of the Henn-na Hotel, but we think of more concrete cases.

Try to think, for example, of all those times that you contact a hotel for a quote. How many times do you get pre-filled emails, cold, made with a copy and paste?

How many times do you communicate an allergy or a specific need and the email you receive does not deal with the topic that is so important to you?

How many times do you feel treated like a number?

What we formulate for years and today gives us reason is that to really build a holiday that takes into account your real needs and that makes you live an extraordinary experience, you need helpers in the flesh. What we experience every day in assisting our guests shows that those looking for comfort and service need more than ever the right solutions tailored to their needs and that this whole process can not be synthesized by an automatism or a computer, but it must be deepened by a physical person in the flesh.

To get away from it all, at the Giulia Hotel we have coined a motto that has now become our “More Staff, More Service”®️ mantra. The quality of a holiday is measured only on the basis of how many people are employed in serving you.

And how is the “More Personal, More Service”® formula realized in practice?
Simple: we will never abandon you. From the construction of your holiday, until the end of your stay, our assistants will take care that everything proceeds in the best way.

Because thanks to the personalized estimate and thanks to the interview we will do together during the construction of your holiday, all our staff will be perfectly aware of your needs.

Of course, it would be easier if we automate every process. It would all be much faster and certainly less expensive. But as explained in a previous article, we could never do it: our focus is on our customers. If we automate these processes we would be less than the relationship of trust with our Guests.

This is why we invest so much in people. For our Guests to continue to feel served and never feel alone.
This for us means “More Staff, More Service”®️.

If you have any questions, concerns or need any help for your holiday, we are here to offer you the best experience possible. Click here and an Assistant will assist you with all the information you need to make your experience with us extraordinary.


Cristiana Gemignani

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