Giulia Hotel | Lido di Camaiore | “Who attends me during the night?”
L’hotel Giulia è un albergo a tre stelle in Versilia, nato nel 1952 e da sempre gestito dai proprietari. Ben quattro generazioni che affiancate da numerosi collaboratori lavorano per far sentire gli Ospiti come a casa loro, accolti e coccolati! Un tre stelle fuori dall’ordinario, dove professionalità, cura e calore raccontano una storia diversa da tutte le altre.
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“Who attends me during the night?”

When people ask me what it means to be more personal, more service? What are the differences between you and all the other 3 stars in Versilia?

The difference is in having more personal than a normal 3-star and this is a tangible data for the customer that allows him to measure the quality of the service.

We come now to the topic of this article “Who attends me during the night?”

When I am asked this question, I reply that “More Staff, More Service” means that even though it is not expected for a 3-star to have the night porter in service all night, we like to have it.

This is because the holiday is composed of 24 hours, and we do not want to leave the customer discovered in a delicate moment like the night, where everything can happen and where people feel more vulnerable.

So the question that we have always asked is: why should I play the well-being of my client, leaving an extremely important band uncovered just because the official gazette of the star classification does not provide this mandatory service for 3 stars?

For us, the customer must live a totalizing experience of service, well-being and must have a nice memory of the holiday. This is why we strongly wanted this figure that, like others, are not required for a 3-star hotel, but we want to have them just to guarantee the best holiday for our customers.

Do you have specific needs too and do you want to create your customized quote?

CLICK HERE to request a phone call.

See you soon!

Cristiana Gemignani

“More Staff, More Service”

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