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Behind the scenes: an interview with our pastry chef Beatrice Micheli

Behind the scenes: an interview with our pastry chef Beatrice Micheli

One of the characteristics we are most proud of is that of having introduced the pastry department. Until a few years ago, we admit it, we bought industrial sweets. There is no regulation that requires the production of sweets by hand. It does not exist for 4 or 5-star hotels, and even more so it does not exist for 3-star hotels.

But now we can admit it, we did not get proud of it. It is nice to smell the smell of freshly baked cookies in the air, enter the kitchen and taste the cream still warm. In short, as gourmands, we love home-made desserts. So one day in 2014 we decided to hire a person in a bakery, giving up all the industrial desserts. For 2 years we have been fortunate to collaborate with Beatrice Micheli and so we decided to interview her to let you know and ask her to reveal some little secret. 

Can you tell us the story of how the passion for desserts was born?
All thanks to Aunt Valentina! Having only 14 years older than me, I have always seen her as an older sister. I've always adored her, and as a child I wanted to do everything she did. And she did a lot of delicious desserts! When we went to lunch with my grandmother, you could not eat them. That's how I started. I also wanted to make sweets that made her aunt. And nowadays, at every event we celebrate at home, as usual, it is always she who prepares desserts! 

The first dessert you have prepared? 
It was a cheesecake. The first guinea pigs, my parents. But I would say that the tests went well: I have not poisoned anyone. So I took more confidence and I continued to learn new recipes. Among other things, the recipe of cheesecake that we offer here at the Giulia is just the same that I used the first time I prepared it. 

When did your passion become a job? 
At a certain point, after high school I said to myself: "Why not make a job of my passion?" I do not know how rash it was in my choice, but I wanted people to try my recipes. So I attended professional pastry schools, courses on chocolate processing and then I started with the first job in a pastry shop in Viareggio where I stayed for 2 years.  

Chocolate processing did you say? Please let us deepen this moment of gluttony! 
Yes, I was in Belluno, at the Accademia dei Maestri Cioccolatieri Italiani, in Mirco Della Vecchia. It was an extraordinary experience. He thinks that it is the only course in Italy and one of the few in Europe where they teach you how to work chocolate starting from the refining of the cocoa bean. We start from the drying process, then we move on to processing the broad bean, to get to the conch, which is one of the fundamental stages because it is what guarantees the softness and absence of granules in the chocolate we know today. 

What do you think is one of the fundamental secrets of chocolate? 
The processing temperature. I think it's fundamental. We would spend 2 to 3 hours a day just studying this passage. Knowing the right chocolate processing temperatures allows the correct consistency of the ingredient to be returned to the palate. For example, the famous "cric-croc" that we feel when we bite a good chocolate is synonymous with the right temperature I told you about. I fell in love. It is a world that I would like to continue to deepen. I love the processing of ganaches, pralines. 

And what about the experience at the Four Season in London?
A very stimulating experience. Compared to all the basics I learned in Italy, everything is different: they are mainly French pastry bases. Mirror glaze, biscuit, single portions, mignon. There is a lot of processing of sugar and isomalt for decorations. Or the caramel inserts that we hardly use in our country. Even a simple sponge cake is made with a completely different recipe than Italian. In short, a type of pastry that is different from the one we usually love, but which nevertheless gives us the opportunity to experiment and try out new combinations. 

What's your favourite dessert? 
The tiramisu! I love traditional flavors and in my opinion there is nothing better. 

What would you recommend to those who, like you, do their work a passion?
There must be a balance between life and work. There must be time to rest, because it is rest that stimulates creativity. Career is important but it takes the right medium. It is not always easy to get to but it is what makes you come to work with the right charge and does not put out the fire you have inside. 

Plans for the future? Learn. See everything in the bakery, deepen chocolate, sugar processing, the combination of various flavors. Every time you study a branch of pastry opens up a world unto itself. And then you will see, maybe I will open something of mine!

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