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L’hotel Giulia è un albergo a tre stelle in Versilia, nato nel 1952 e da sempre gestito dai proprietari. Ben quattro generazioni che affiancate da numerosi collaboratori lavorano per far sentire gli Ospiti come a casa loro, accolti e coccolati! Un tre stelle fuori dall’ordinario, dove professionalità, cura e calore raccontano una storia diversa da tutte le altre.
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Today I’ll tell you exactly why we women (and any caring husband with patience) adore the live experience by far rather than the fleeting click online. Of course, I do not doubt that technology has speeded up some processes, but you know… we women like......

The evening rearrangement, or the waitress’s review in the guest room in the evening hours, usually takes place at dinner time when the guest is at the restaurant. What does it mean? It is not a double cleaning. The cleaning is done very accurately (we......

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